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Multipurpose nutrient solution on the basis of (UAN)

Multipurpose nutrient solution on the basis of (UAN)


Ts 00203068-01:2013 (CN of FEA code 3102 90 0000)

Multipurpose nutrient solution (MNS) is liquid complex fertilizer on the basis of UAN-nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium intended as mineral fertilizer in agriculture. The main raw material for MNS UAN-PHP is UAN, ammophos and potash chloride.

On physicochemical parameters of MNS on the basis of UAN-PHP must be corresponded to norms specified in the following table:


Norm for grade UAN-PHP

Physical configuration

Colorless or slightly
colored liquid

Total mass fraction of nutrient nitrogen, %, no less than


Mass fraction of total phosphates, %, within

0,2 – 0,5

Mass fraction of potassium in terms of K2O, %, no less than


Safety Requirements: non-toxic liquid, but with prolonged exposure may cause skin irritation. In case of contact with skin wash injured part with water. If get into eyes, rinse it with abundant of water, soaked clothes with solution should be changed. Multipurpose nutrient solutions are thermally stable and fireproof.

Packaging: poured into stainless railway or road tankers, and also in canisters or other containers with capacity up to 500 dm3.
Transportation: transported in stainless rail or road tankers according with the rules of transportation, effective for given kind of transport.

Storage: MNS UAN-PHP should be kept in collecting tank of stainless steel with tightly closed hatches, previously exempt from the earlier stored other products, in order to prevent the ingress of dust, atmospheric condensation and to prevent changes in fertilizer composition.
Guarantee term of storage: 6 months since the date of manufacturing

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