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  • Ammonia synthesis catalyst

    Ammonia synthesis catalyst

    Ts 00203068-31:2015 Код ТН ВЭД 381 590 9000

    Catalyst of ammonia synthesis is designed for the operation under the temperature from 400 °С till 600 °С and under the pressure from 15 till 55 МРа. It is produced in two grades: SA-S (oxidize) and SA-SV (deoxidized).

  • Catalyst “GIAP-8”, nickel

    Catalyst “GIAP-8”, nickel

    Tsh 6.3-67:2009 Код ТН ВЭД 381 511 0000

    It is designed for steam, steam carbon-dioxide and air reforming of gaseous hydrocarbons under normal pressure and tension of 4 MPa  for the purpose of receiving commercial hydrogen and other process gases.

  • Aluminochrome catalyst “GIAP-14”

    Aluminochrome catalyst “GIAP-14”

    Ts 00203068-60: 2016 Код ТН ВЭД 381 511 0000

    It is designed for loading into top layer of mining reactor of the second step of steam-air reforming of natural gas under pressure up to 40 atm. The purpose of application is stabilization of burning area and protection of bottom layer of nickel catalyst from abrupt “thermal shock” The catalyst represents chromium oxide applied on corundum, which are macroporous and granulous.

  • Metanation catalyst “TO-2”

    Metanation catalyst “TO-2”

    TSh 6.3-71:2009 Код ТН ВЭД 381 511 0000

    Catalyst of methanation TO-2 is designed for purification of hydronitric mixture from carbonic oxide.

  • Average - temperature catalyst “OHK-02”

    Average - temperature catalyst “OHK-02”

    KSt 6.3-105:2009 Код ТН ВЭД 381 590 9000

    The catalysts «OXK-02» and «OXK-02E» are  designed for steam reforming of  carbonic oxide  process  under pressure up to 5 MPa and under the temperatures (320÷350). The production of pilot batch of catalyst «OXK-02» was conducted in 2001 for commercial reactor loading with the purpose of experimental-industrial tests.

  • Low-temperature catalyst of carbon monoxide connersion “NTK-4U”

    Low-temperature catalyst of carbon monoxide connersion “NTK-4U”

    Ts 00203068-38:2015 Код ТН ВЭД 381 519 9000

    It is designed for catalytic process of carbon monoxide steam conversion in ammonia production. It mainly consists of metallic oxide and produced in a shape of cylindrical granules.

  • Nickel - molibdenia - alumina catalyst “ChKG-09”

    Nickel - molibdenia - alumina catalyst “ChKG-09”

    KSt 6.3-112:2012 Код ТН ВЭД 381 519 9000

    The catalyst «ChKG-09» is designed for sulfide compounds hydrogenization process from hydrocarbon in ammonia production, for auxiliaries. The catalyst consists of hydroxide aluminum re –precipitation, ammonium molybdate, nitric-acid nickel and produced in the forms of extrudates with greenish coloring.

  • Sulphur absorder “ChPS-03”

    Sulphur absorder “ChPS-03”

    Ts 00203068-34:2015 Код ТН ВЭД 381 519 9000

    «ChPS-03» method of absorber producing includes the combination of activated zinc oxide with magnesium oxide and surfactant agents, and the shaping of granules absorber with after-baking. The absorber «ChPS-03» is produced on operating equipment of catalyst production from zinc oxide, derived from dead-catalyst (zincous absorbers) «GIAP-10».